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Our providers offer translation for any and every type of document, including foreign real estate transactions and US/ Mexico court documents. Our professionals are available anytime day or night. Call us anytime and be one step closer to owning your own property.

Legal Translation For Any Need

Translating legal documents from any country requires special attention. When you hire a GoSignify provider, you are getting the best in translation and project management.

  • Certification of authenticity
  • Guaranteed USCIS approved
  • Civil lawsuit translation
  • Bulk text messages translation
  • Foreign equivalent legal vocabulary
  • Compliant with university requirements
  • Marriage, birth, and death certificates
  • Foreign Court Documents

What is legal translation?

Legal translation is expressing the concepts and terminology from one judicial system’s language into another as accurately as possible.

xIt is a challenging task for distinguished people because it requires the translator to use the equivalent for the judicial system where the document originated. A skilled translator has experience with both judicial systems and submitting documents to courts for approval.


Translators have accumulated significant experience—many years even—including in academia, in the cultures and languages they speak. For many translators, the profession is a calling. There are many who say they are translators. On GoSignify you will only find those who have stood out from the crowd. When you hire a translator look for:

A Strategic Advantage For Law Firms

In a word, we are about one thing: winning. Winning means knowing who is on your team. GoSignify makes it easy to hire the same interpreters and translators for consistency. When it comes to keeping timelines, getting to how your freelance talent works makes your business stronger. Use our marketplace to create a list of your favorites or contact our customer service team. Either way we are here to help you with your legal interpreting and translating needs. We have many shared customers and use a consistent interface and workflow to get the best rates for freelance legal translation and interpreting services in your state or for corporations and governmental entities. We are also very supportive and responsive to clients that need immediate help .

For over two years, GoSignify has been helping individual and small business clients and partners that need consistent legal translation and interpretation services in the United States. Our market specific needs span civil litigation, corporate law, intellectual property, real estate, healthcare, and intellectual property. Lastly, we work with interpreters of rare or uncommon languages as well. When in need of reliable and affordable translators or interpreters in languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Urdu, or Vietnamese, GoSignify is the place to find them.
Plus, for your bulk translation needs, we have options for using AI to make your bulk translation requests faster and accurate. Make sure you contact us with any questions you have about signing your freelancers up or registering with GoSignify!

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Modern Translation In a Nutshell

Step 1 – Markup



In this initial step translators get a clear idea of what the concepts, terminology, and sense of the documents are. Simply, reading the documents. Typically the first pass is a critical step where translators write in the margin, so to speak, and also correct key concepts and terms outputted by the neural machine translation. Stamps, seals, formatting, images, and even holograms are left for the final step.

Step 2: Translate
The second pass is where translators begin a method for producing accurate translation. This means going line by line over the document, examining the word-by-word level, and then the phrase-by-phrase level, lastly the whole document in context. During this phase, translators may use language models to get to the next phase quicker.
Step 3: Refine
The third pass is for style. This cannot be built into an algorithm. Only humans can currently do this. Some researchers are working to produce a system that can understand an input phrases and make appropriate stylistic flourishes. The fact is, writing style is far more complex than linguistics, so it will take a long time before machine translation can perform this task.

We Provide Translation Affidavits

First, there is the statement of accuracy. The statement that appears as an oath and a signature at the end of your translation. An important piece for a legal translation. Next, we provide you with the optional translation affidavit at no extra cost. 


The translation affidavit is quite possibly the most important piece of your order. This documents has several pieces of information to make it official. Once complete, you can take it to the authorities and submit it as part of your official record for university transcripts, marriage, civil court, family court, including medical evidence. 

Court Interpreters

Court interpreters are essential to a healthy judiciary. In the state of Texas, where one-third of citizens are Spanish speakers, interpreters in the courthouses are a way of life. For this reason, Texas’s Spanish language interpreters are among the best in the world. You can find many of them right here on GoSignify.


Interpreters working in court may have varying levels of certification. Keep in mind the interpreter must always be certified or licensed by the court of jurisdiction. In the state of Texas interpreters must hold a Master License Court Interpreter (MLCI) license. For depositions, the Rules of Civil Procedure outline the requirements for interpreters. For courts, i.e. hearings and other proceedings, parties may refer to Chapter 57 for guidance on what to do for rare and uncommon languages. GoSignify also works with court interpreters of uncommon language such as:


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