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Hourly rates & minimums

Building lasting relationships with clients requires flexibility. Set your reservation minimum from 2 - 4 hours for your on-site and remote services. If your client has a special consideration, chat with them and set expectations. GoSignify only requires at least 1 hour billed for any cancellation.

Reservation policy

At GoSignify we call a cancellation policy a reservation policy. Configure your cancellation window between 24 and 48 hours and display it on your profile (coming soon).


Set your travel rate between 0.00 and 0.99 cents per mile. GoSignify accurately calculates mileage from your location to the on-site assignment, and applies it to your invoice. You can choose charge, or not on each invoice.

Your Clients

We work with small and medium sized businesses who depend on hiring dedicated interpreters for on-site and remote assignments.

Court Reporters

Freelance court reporters hiring interpreters for depositions means you get better information about the assignment.

Specialty Medical

Concierge clinics depend on skilled medical interpreters for patient outcomes.


Whether family, criminal , or other areas of law, firms of all sizes post assignments for top interpreters.

Why GoSignify

A small business approach to freelance interpreting


Setting up your profile only takes a few minutes, and we'll promote your services on search engines such as Google and Bing.


In-app and notifications chat gives you the power to communicate with your client about the details that make your services stand out.


Eliminate the payment barrier by using our safe, secure transaction through Stripe payments. Get payout within 48 hours.


Show clients your areas of expertise and experience by building up demand for your skills through platform statistics.

Seller stories

We think GoSignify is the best solution for managing
a freelance interpreter gig. Hear stories from interpreters about how GoSignify made a difference for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about selling services through GoSignify

Am I considered a freelancer when I take assignments?

Yes. All interpreters on the GoSignify platform are 1099 freelance interpreters, and report their earnings generated through the platform to the IRS. 


How do I get paid?

GoSignify uses Stripe payments to automatically deposit your money into your bank account within 48-hours of submitting in invoice for payment.

Who are the clients on GoSignify?

Although GoSignify can be used easily by anyone, typical clients are GoSignify come from law, medicine or business.


Am I signing up to work for GoSignify?

All interpreters on the GoSignify platform are considered 1099 freelance interpreters in most states, excluding California.


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