Interpreted IMEs

Also, known as independent medical exams. Great interpreters know how to work with medical providers to ensure the best results. Interpreting your pain and discomfort in another language is deeply personal and can be an emotional experience.

Let one of our CCHI certified medical interpreters be there to help you get the most out of your exam or treatment.

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Who hires IME interpreters?

We de IMEs for private individuals and organizations in law and medicine.

You can count on us to help you find an interpreter who is professional and prepared for you appointments.

Accurate & Reliable

Hiring a professional medical CCHI certified interpreter does not need to be challenging. Peruse our marketplace of providers and choose one matching your budget and requirements. You will not find an easier way anywhere.

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HIPAA Compliant

Certified medical interpreters have completed HIPAA training and know the processes for keeping your information private. 



Whether you are a patient or doctor, review profiles in the marketplace and let one of our CCHI or NBCMI interpreters assist with your next appointment.

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Telehealth & Video

Fortunately, meeting with your doctor these days is as easy as turning on your computer. No more driving, checking-in and waiting. However, you may need help understanding the exam and the results.

One of our CCHI or NBCMI interpreters can help you overcome this barriers. Simply add the video conference link to your order and voila! you interpreter appears, ready to facilitate clear communication between you and your provider. Use the link from your preferred service.

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What is an IME?

An IME or independent medical exam is usually carried out by a doctor chose by the defendant in a civil case. Often, the examining doctor for an IME is hired by an insurance company to assess compensation. The doctor’s report of the IME is what insurance companies use to determine an appropriate compensation. 


In civil cases the plaintiff’s exam is often paid by the law firm through a letter of protection or LOP. If the injured person is an employee seeking benefits they are sometimes required to pay a fee of 10-15% of the IME. That fee also goes to the doctor hired by the insurance company. In reality, many employees choose to pay the fee themselves.

Immediately after the complaint, lawyers prepare a defense and gather evidence and documents. If they are believed, a lawsuit will be filed against the accused. The lawsuit usually consists of three phases: The first is proving that the employee, who is their client, was in fact injured. After that, the plaintiff tries to prove the injuries were caused by the act of the employer. Finally, the plaintiff tries to prove compensation.

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