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Do you need a legal interpreter for a scheduled deposition? Professional interpreters are ready to help you gather critical information for high-value cases.

Whether you need interpreters on-site or remotely, you can find them here 24/7, day or night, right at your fingertips. Through our platform, we provide law firms with a time-saving tool to browse, book, exchange documents, chat, and pay interpreters. GoSignify is the only option for top lawyers and firms. Check out profiles before you book!


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Cheaper than a conventional agency

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Why Do I Need A Legal Interpreter For A Deposition?

Depositions require specialized knowledge of legal procedure, vocabulary, dialects and much more. During a deposition interpreters work closely with court reporters to create an accurate record. CSRs will find ‘reporter friendly’ interpreters on GoSignify, and can feel confident in referring them to law firms.

Legal interpreters know how to work under pressure, and have techniques for subtly handling objections and complex language which may arise from time to time. Additionally, skilled, licensed and certified interpreters help you to avoid a ‘lost in translation’ scenario. Errors, omissions, and additions are carefully monitored by interpreters to ensure that even the most hawkish attorneys will find no wrong. GoSignify legal interpreters provide you with:

Court Reporters

Do you need an interpreter?

Look no further if you operate a court reporting firm and refer out your interpreted depositions. After referring your case to GoSignify we handle working with the law firm to get them the service they require.


Referring interpreters for depositions used to be tricky business. GoSignify’s marketplace makes it very easy for your firms to sign up and book interpreters. You can feel confident interpreters on GoSignify are vetted and trusted. 

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