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In a courtroom, performance is essential to saving time and closing cases. Court interpreters specialize in bi-lingual legal terminology and public speaking skills. See rates, terms, reviews and more by clicking the button below.

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Personal Injury

Only top interpreters work in the high-performance field of personal injury. Witness

There are many places to go for interpreting services, but GoSignify has the top providers for interpretation services. They are the ones you will need when it comes to intense litigation.

Family Law

Our interpreters provide fast, reliable interpretations for hearings. Interpreters working in a family law setting are accustomed to working between legal codexes. Interpreters providing equivalent meanings in the target language, your clients will actively participate in helping you defend their interests.

GoSignify's unique platform gives you the option to hire on-the-fly and at the rates your clients can afford. Hire for a fixed-rate or get your interpreter of choice by paying posted rates. If you are needing an interpreter for an unexpected hearing, GoSignify is your best bet.

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Why GoSignify?

We are a next-generation language services agency utilizing the best in scheduling, support, and payments. Plus, we work with freelancers who are trusted and respected in the communities where they work.

Plus, we provide 24/7 service for your firm if you need special assistance. But were are convinced our marketplace is the solution for eliminating cold calls and last minutes concerns regarding your depositions and trials.

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Still Have questions?

Why do I need a court interpreter?

Errors and objections in depositions and trials slow you down and cause confusion. Court interpreters are dedicated to the craft of public speaking and working with functionally equivalent legal language. Recognizing similarities and differences between foreign legal systems is a skill forged over many hours in court and legal settings.

By hiring a legal interpreter, you are getting a genuine professional working your case. Whether it is a deposition or preparing for one, legal interpreters are certified or licensed by the court to provide you with the best abilities they possess. GoSignify interpreters offer you:

Do court interpreters have credentials?

For common language interpreters, an interpreter earns a license from when they have achieved a particular score on the written and oral portions of a test created by the National Center of State courts.


Speakers of uncommon or rare languages for a region may acquire approval at the Federal and/or state levels. In addition, these interpreters may earn credentials through a recognized third party.

Master License

Passed the written portion and achieved > 70% accuracy on all three sections of the oral exam: sight translation, simultaneous, and consecutive interpretation.

Basic License

Passed the written portion and achieved > 60% accuracy on all three sections of the oral exam: sight translation, simultaneous, and consecutive interpretation.

How do I know who is a good interpreter?

Interpreters work in a lot of different fields. There are several tell-tale signs of a professional interpreter. With regard to seasoned interpreters, they are often under appreciated because the interpretation they deliver, seemingly at the drop of a hat, is smooth and professional demeanor unobtrusive. 


The interpreters we have come to know, whether they’re working on the ground as educators of language skills in schools, assisting doctors and patients with mental health issues, work tirelessly and for years to hone the craft. For example, they way they choose phrases, manage complex technical vocabulary, and translate colloquialisms seamlessly requires solid experience. 


However, legal interpreters are professionals working in an adversarial scenario where complex, often heated interrogations are taking place. Not only that, but they are working between two languages. You do not want an interpreter that won’t push back. In a deposition, especially with a Spanish speaking witness, objections are just a fact of life. However, objections get made for a variety of reasons. Seasoned interpreters practice the right diplomacy to ensure that your client is having their voice heard.


The communication skills interpreters bring are purely for a specific purpose. Understanding the importance of the rights people have is one of the most important considerations when working. We look to understand things from the point of view of the person; focusing on what their best interests are and trying to help them through this process. If we take the view that interpreters go in, understand, assist and then leave, they never really get an insight into what people are like. They never get to really the important strategies lawyers are pursuing, and that makes a huge difference when it comes to winning. The best interpreters stick around, learn the culture, learn the language and then go back again. That’s a huge achievement. Let one of our interpreters help you for your next deposition or trial.

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