Is tipping interpreters an emerging trend in 2021?

Is tipping interpreters going to be an emerging trend in 2021? As freelance services increase in demand so is the sentiment that it is a premium service for law firms and businesses. A colleague once said, “Because of the short request time for many interpreting jobs, it not only should be conducted as a cash […]

Travis County Unexpected Reinstatement of 2-Hour Minimum for Interpreters

A few weeks ago I received an email from Travis County Criminal Courts. “Assignment Available,” it says. Most of the time I cannot respond, “I’m available!” fast enough. However, this time I got the job. Then, I get my check. The amount was not for the standard 2-hour minimum, but for 1.5 hours. One of […]

Self Driving Cars Eliminate Colossal Personal Injury Claims Business

no one driving vehicle

Battling out liability for auto accidents may soon come to an end. Or will it? Autonomous vehicle technology is set to take center stage in 2021. The technology is becoming accurate to the point where determining velocity, direction, and right-of-way will come from the cars themselves. Clocking inOne of the main factors for interpreters to […]

78 adjectives you need to know to describe pain in your language

“On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain?” We hear this question anywhere medical treatments are provided. Pain scales are important tools in medicine for assessing the extent to which pain may be limiting someones ability to work or simply move. However pain at the outset can appear subjective. That’s […]

Conversation with Nuremberg interpreter reveals how to overcome adversity

I roamed the neon lit food stands of the Riverwalk San Antonio food court searching for a table where to eat my chow mein. A throng of diners opened and there was Esther Diaz, a colleague of mine from Austin’s interpreting community. “I have someone I’d like you to meet.” I followed her to a […]

Admitting you’re wrong is one sign you’re an expert

All interpreters make mistakes. There is no denying it. Moreover it’s really easy to do. So, if it is inevitable then what can we do about it as interpreters? I’ll cover techniques in a few posts, but for now let’s begin with how I practice to avoid mistakes using a persona and note taking. Let […]