Paralegals are master multitaskers. Though when their boss makes a sudden request for a freelance interpreter they a forced to drop everything and begin an arduous (and sometimes unsuccessful) hunt for someone available. They’re forced to manage a flurry of text, emails, phone call and now and then, hop on Facebook to ask around.

With hundreds of online interpreters and hundreds more job boards, what are professional paralegals to do? Sometimes their calls are still unanswered and frustratedly, they phone back. More often, they get lucky and get through, often to find that someone’s already taken another job.
The demand for interpreters at the foreign affairs ministry has been rapidly increasing for the past few years. And with immigration rising, more newcomers need help navigating our country’s complicated citizenship, civil and criminal law. So how do you begin looking for a court certified interpreter for Spanish or rare languages? In comes the GoSignify marketplace.
Barely a day goes by without the GoSignify app. For the past few months, GoSignify’s app has been buzzing with messages from paralegals in the workforce being caught off guard with interpreter requests. They quickly find interpreters who match the experience and legal requirements they need for the job.
As the gig economy widens the world over, we’re seeing a dramatic shift in the division of labor. It is drifting toward skilled and organized labor sectors. Though the transition to the gig economy is not without challenges, and like all aspects of the sharing economy, companies are under increasing pressure to pay a fair wage. This means skilled interpretation is coming into its own. But finding a gig is a constant cat-and-mouse game. GoSignify improves the process for paralegals in a few ways.
Price transparency
Companies such as GoSignify publish rates set by the professional interpreters on the platform. The client pays a fee for the connection. Interpreters get a clear view into what their clients pay, a 9% markup, and what they take home.
Customer service
Through the in-app chat, interpreters help their clients get down to the details of an assignment. Whether they are discussing the number of witnesses or a sudden change in location, interpreters can provide clients with one-to-one personalized service.
Detailed Profiles
Compliance is mission critical when it comes to depositions and court procedures. Paralegals see an interpreter’s specializations, experience and credentials.
Easy Payments
GoSignify has partnered with Stripe payments to take the hassle out of invoicing for both law firms and interpreters. Digital payments decrease time spent on billing for both law firms and interpreters.