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Self Driving Cars Eliminate Colossal Personal Injury Claims Business

Battling out liability for auto accidents may soon come to an end. Or will it? Autonomous vehicle technology is set to take center stage in 2021. The technology is becoming accurate to the point where determining velocity, direction, and right-of-way will come from the cars themselves. Clocking inOne of the main factors for interpreters to consider is, how will this affect my job?

As interpreters we depend on a certain amount of litigation to earn a living. If cars know who is at fault there is one burning issue lawyers will need to deal with. How much will the injuries be worth?

Machines won’t be very good at figuring that out for a long time, if ever. If you’ve ever worked in Workman’s Comp that should come as no surprise. Percent of disability and recovery are highly debatable topics. We’ll certainly find plenty to deal with there.

With regard to liability, there could be discrepancies. It will be important in the future to know how the EV’s sensors function and what the data looks like

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