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Raúl V.




$87.20 / hr

$109 / hr

2 hours

I am a top interpeter:

Raúl is an interpreter for immigration cases for asylees speaking Quiche, an indigenous language in Guatemala.

Federally Approved

Lilia P.




$136.25 / hr

$136.25 / hr

3-4 hours

I am a top interpeter:

I have interpreted for 17 Oscar winners, 3 US Presidents, and 2 Popes . . . .

Federally Approved
picture of a Korean interpreter

Lena L.




$109 / hr

$109 / hr

3 hours

I am a top interpeter:

Professional Interpreter/Translator with a strong command over Korean and English with 10 years’ hands-on experience . . . .

Top Services

attorney giving opening statement
Civil Trials
Avg Rate: $100-$160 / hr
Woman in Black Blazer Standing Near Black Car
Avg Rate: $90-$125 / hr
people, business, meeting
Avg Rate: $98-$160 / hr
three women sitting at the table
Depo Prep
Avg Rate: $90-$140


Asian Languages
woman signing over video conference
American Sign Language
african woman in colorful head scarf
African Languages
Ukrainian girl walking

European Languages

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Adam Sendler
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Mila Kunis
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Mike Stuart

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Bid Rate Clients set a rate they are willing to pay for services. As an Interpreter, you will be notified about these assignments with a set hourly rate. You decide if you are willing to work for that rate. Additionally, Interpreters may be assigned to these requests automatically, on-demand, by giving prior approval.

GoSignify is used by law firms, consumer health facilities, businesses, enterprises, regular people and more.

GoSignify uses direct deposit to pay Interpreters, so a valid checking account, routing or IBAN number, and billing address are required. During registration, you’ll add your bank information and billing address in order to get paid via the app. Savings accounts, prepaid debit cards, and reloadable bank cards aren’t valid, even if they accept direct deposits. We take protecting your personal information seriously and use the latest encryption technologies available to do so. Your information will never be shared with third parties and is for internal use only. We currently use Stripe payments to process transactions.

We require most interpreters to have at least 1 year of interpreting experience in a professional or volunteer setting. Our matching engine matches you clients based on their particular needs, and whether they require medical or court licensing. However, for uncommon languages for which there are no exams, you may be asked to provide up to 3 references.

Processing time may vary by city, but most registrants are able to begin tasking within four business days of finishing registration. You’ll receive a notification once your registration is processed. If we need additional information from you to process your registration, we will reach out.

Once you have passed our vetting process, complete your profile, and include a professional photo, so you appear confidently in Search. If you are not getting assignments, you may need to be patient and consider a few factors. Demand for your language(s) depends overall demand on the platform for your language pair, the number of interpreters for your language, your rate, and other factors. If you would like to know more about rates. go here.

To become an Interpreter, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Consent to an ID check and credential verification. This helps keep our platform safe for all users.
  • Have a checking account with a financial institution. This is how you’ll get paid through the platform.
  • Have a smartphone. You’ll be managing your tasks through GoSignify.
  • Have an high-speed internet connection
  • Provide valid U.S. Social Security number.
  • California only: Submit a business license confirming you are a sole proprietor. Why do I need this?